Our Doctors & Medical Advisors
Dr. Lakkana HIRUN
Speciality: Obstetrics - Gynaecology
Dr. Kiatthiboon Kitcharoenwanitkul
Speciality: Internal Medicine - Endocrinology
Dr. Kannanat Sinthorn
Speciality: Diagnostic Radiologist
Dr. Soonthariya Mahuckvut
Speciality: Dentist Qualifications &
Dr. Janpen Sirivanich
Speciality: Dentist Qualifications &
Dr. Kasemsith Vorathepputipong
Speciality: Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Charuporn PROMWONG
Speciality: Clinical Pathology, Transfusion
About Us

Thailand Medical Tourism Facilitator

Welcome to Health Tour Booking, your friendly Medical Tourism facilitator in Thailand. www.HealthTourBooking.com offers focused information on Thailand's medical and travel services, with user-friendly features to facilitate international travellers/patients to book their medical appointments and related travel requirements in Thailand.

Health Tour Booking is part of the Medical Tourism division of Easy Golf Booking Company Limited, registered with Government of Thailand in 2005, fully licensed and bonded by Ministry of Tourism & Sports (#14/00674) and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (#11/4269), and a member of Association of Thai Travel Agents (#2887). Health Tour Booking is professionally managed by seasoned professionals from the hospitality & travel industry, expertly backed up by a team of experienced doctors & medical advisors.
Our Mission
Thailand stands tall as one of the world's top Medical Tourism destinations for international leisure travelers seeking world class medical treatments abroad. Health Tour Booking is your friendly medical tourism facilitator in Thailand. We are fully committed to help facilitate all your medical and travel requirements, and to satisfy your peace of mind that your medical needs will be professionally treated by highly qualified medical professionals at world-class facilities in Thailand, at the best possible prices.

Health Tour Booking provides one-stop services for medical appointments & travel booking arrangements in Thailand, the land of smiles. Health Tour Booking will be your local assistant throughout your stay in Thailand by helping you make medical appointments, from regular health check-ups & dental care to specialized treatments, as well as booking accommodations of your choice, arranging local transport/transfer, providing welcome on arrival and see-off at the airport, ensuring peaceful recuperation & leisure activities in complete anonymity, and providing a personal assistant to take care of your needs and requests prior to and after each medical procedure.
"Health Tour Booking, your friendly medical tourism facilitator in Thailand"
Thailand Medical Tourism Cluster
Health Tour Booking is a member of Thailand Medical Tourism Cluster, a government sponsored initiative to synchronize collaboration among major stakeholders in Thailand's medical tourism industry, further enhancing the Royal Thai Government drive for Thailand to become Asia's medical hub. The Institute for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (SMEs) joined force with Thailand's leading hospitals, specialized clinics, medical specialists, Thai traditional medicine specialists, hotels, health & wellness resorts, spa operators, Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA), and the Translators & Interpreters Association to form Thailand Medical Tourism Cluster. The collective collaboration effort aims to enhance quality of medical tourism services provided for international travelers/patients seeking their medical services & treatments in Thailand. The Cluster's website provides comprehensive information and conveniences for oversea visitors to plan their trips, from choosing medical service providers to selecting hotels and travel agents.