How do you plan your medical travel to Thailand?


Thailand Medical Treatments and Travel Tips

Thailand is one of the world’s top travel destinations, with an extensive network of travel infrastructure to cater for different types of visitors, from all nationalities, traveling on any budget. Traveling to a foreign country for the first time, particularly for medical treatments, can be an intimidating experience for most travelers. After selecting a doctor and hospital of your choice, and making necessary appointments, the following friendly tips are designed to assist you with your planned travel to Thailand: 1. Book return air ticket to Thailand, reserve suitable accommodation, and book desired tour packages; make sure to allow sufficient time for you to rest and be fully recovered after your medical treatment and the follow-up routines, and take this into consideration when booking your return flight. 2. Contact the hospital to determine what medical information/documents they will require from you and prepare these documents as well as the following documents, which you should keep easily accessible while traveling to Thailand: Emergency contacts, including relatives, friends and your home physician; Map of the locations and telephone numbers of your home embassy in Thailand, the hospital where you will receive medical treatment and the hotel at which you are intending to stay; Copies of your passport, air tickets, medical prescriptions and other essential medical papers.

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