How can Health Tour Booking help?

Booking Hospitals and Medical Appointments in Thailand

Are you going to plan everything by yourself, including making appointments with doctors and hospitals, making tough decision on your medical treatment plan & procedure, sorting out your accommodation & travel arrangements in Thailand? It is entirely up to you whether you wish to handle some or all of the tasks mentioned, or you can leave all the hassle to Health Tour Booking to facilitae all of your required medical appointments and related travel booking arrangements in Thailand. 


Health Tour Booking is professionally managed by seasoned professionals from the hospitality & travel industry, expertly backed up by a team of experienced doctors & medical advisors. They'll support you with professional advices, provide second opinions, and help you to make the right medical decisions.



Health Tour Booking is your friendly medical tourism facilitator in Thailand. We provide one-stop services for medical appointments & travel booking arrangements in Thailand, a land-of-smiles. Health Tour Booking will be your local assistant throughout your stay in Thailand by guiding you to make the right medical decisions and helping you make medical appointments, from regular health check-ups & dental care to specialized treatments; as well as booking accommodation of your choice, local transport/transfer, providing welcome on arrival and see-off at the airport, ensuring peaceful recuperation & leisure activities in complete anonymity, and providing a personal assistant to take care of your requested needs prior to and after each medical procedure.


"Health Tour Booking, your friendly medical tourism facilitator in Thailand"

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