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Health & Wellness Tourism in Thailand

Thailand Health & wellness tourism offers world class healthcare and wellness services, with high standard treatments provided by JCI/internationally accredited hospitals/clinics and top quality wellness retreats/resorts, all at your affordable prices and unparalleled hospitalities from the Land of Smiles.

When you are planning for healthcare and wellness travel anywhere in the world, there are a number of important issues you must consider. The following are friendly tips designed to help you make the best decisions when you are searching for medical services in Thailand.

1. Do some research before you make a decision:
Before deciding to opt for healthcare and wellness services overseas, it is advisable that you conduct research about your own conditions and medical history. It is also important to conduct thorough research on treatment/service options, inlcuding potential complications of each option.  Health & Wellness...


2. Choose hospitals/wellness retreats:
It is most important for you to choose doctor/hospital or wellness retreat that you feel comfortable with. You have the right to ask questions and it is important to get accurate information about the hospital/wellness retreat facilities and procedures, the costs involved, and the time frame for each services. Different healthcare/wellness service providers have different policies regarding the length of stay for particular services/procedures. Health & wellness tourism travel agents can provide you with 3rd party opinions and assurances regarding professionalism, skill, and credentials of different hospitals/retreats. It is of utmost importance for you to put your mind at ease and feel confident about your decision to opt for healthcare & wellness services in a Thailand.  Hospitals & Retreats...


3. Make healthcare appointment and wellness retreat booking:
Doctor/hospital appointments for health check-up and dental procedure should be scheduled during normal operating hours between 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, it is advisable to confirm doctor/hospital appointments well in advance to guarantee you receive treatment from a doctor/specialist of your choice. World-class wellness retreats/resorts in Thailand are in popular demand, especially during Nov-Feb period, 2-3 months advance booking is strongly recommended. Health Tour Booking provides one-stop professional consultation services and personalized assistance in matching your health & wellness needs, from making health check-up/dental care appointments at world class hospitals to booking health & wellness program at wellness retreats/resorts across Thailand. Contact Us...

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