Tips for oral care to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Tips for oral care to prevent tooth decay and gum disease

Online news: Bureau of Dental Health Thailand, 02/06/2014

According to a survey from Bureau of Dental Health Thailand, it shows that oral diseases can be occurred at all ages, and if it is not treated, it will be developed to chronic oral diseases in latent period. Tooth decay is a common problem in kids and young people, whereas almost 49% of people at age 35-44 years have tooth decay and gum disease problem. Over 70% of older people especially at age 60-74 years have tooth loss. In addition, they face other oral diseases such as dental caries experience, prevalence rates of periodontal disease, xerostomia, and oral cancer. 


To prevent from oral diseases, these are the tips to stay away from them.
1. Avoid food that contains high sugar like dessert and soft drink; having vegetables and fruits as snack is better.
2. Eat food that has high vitamin C and B2.
3. Avoid solid food that may lead to tooth attrition and fractures.
4. Drink plenty of water to avoid bad breath and tooth decay
5. Use dental floss everyday
6. Gargle or brush the teeth after meal
7. Choose the soft toothbrush
8. Meet dentist if having any oral diseases
9. Frequently have a dental care check-up

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