Look out when choosing skin whitening product

Look out when choosing skin whitening product

Online news: translation from THAI TV3’s www.krobkruakao.com, 10/03/2015

Having whiter skin has been a trend in Asian countries, but using wrong medicine can affect to your body, according to the Dermatological Society of Thailand.

1) Face whitening cream – It consists of hydroquinone, which usually has dose over standard. Normally the standard is up to 2% proportion, but some brand use as much as 6%. The side effect is that you can have melasma permanently and never get cured.
2) Cream consisting with steroids – You can notice that cream is matt. It makes your skin getting thinner layer and having stretch mark. If you have too much, it can be absorbed to your body.
3) Whitening cream with mercury – This is very popular in the market right now because it has immediate effect. You will get whiter and more beautiful. However, the long term side effect is that it is irritation and you will have permanent leucoderma on your face.
4) Whitening accelerator – With AHA (Alipha Hydroxy Acid), it increases a risk of breast cancer and getting blinded.
5) Glutathione – This is a popular product now. You can either inject or eat it. Nevertheless, injection to your body is risky to get allergy and dead. For consumption, it is very dangerous if you consume more than 250 milligram.
6) Baking soda – This has been shared among social media that it helps to get whiten. Actually, this doesn’t help at all, but you may get allergy and become leucoderma.


So, look out when choosing skin whitening product. Check carefully if it is certified by the Food and Drug Administration. There are many online/social media shops that sell this kind of whitening product, be selective of what you buy. Getting whiter at cheap price can lead you to be less beautiful and harmful to your body in the future.


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