Dementia Commonly found disease in aging people

Dementia - Commonly found disease in aging people

Online news: translation from, 03/04/2015

Dementia can be often found in people aged over 65 years old, and 70% of dementia patients come from Alzheimer disease and Strokes respectively, according to the Department of Medical Services, the Ministry of Public Health. Thailand.

Brain cells are developed since being a fetus till age of 30. After age of 60-65, the brain is deteriated from time to time. This leads to amnesia, changing behavior and personality, perversity of language, calculation, understanding, and creativity.

Dementia is found in female more than male. It is caused by
1. Alzheimer
2. Old age
3. Ischemic stroke
4. High blood pressure in brain from blood clot and encephaloma
5. Deficiency in vitamin B12
6. Brain infection
7. Alcohol depebdebce syndrome
8. Lack of oxygen or low sugar level in blood for long time
9. Parkinson

In order to prevent from dementia, you should
- control blood pressure, chlorestal and diabetes
- stop smoking and drinking alcohol
- do activities for brain exercise but not too stressful such as reading books, listening to music, scrabble
and,most importantly,
- have health check up every year.

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